Tempt the eyes, tickle the tastebuds, indulge the sweetest of cravings

Invite into your shops the sweetest tooth both young and old when you display in your shelves an array of chocolates and delicacies from one of the best chocolatier tandems in Sweden.

Everyone Deserves The Best Chocolates

Reseller Haven

Fill your shops with irresistible and perfectly delectable chocolates and delicacies, your customers will keep coming back for more! Be one of the shops that sell our mouth-watering creations.

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Made-for-you Gift Packages

Give your corporate partners a reason to smile when you give them the finest chocolates and delicacies as gifts. We offer customized gift packages for all your needs. Contact us and tell us what you need!

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We're in stores near you

Not a reseller? Satisfy your sweet tooth and get your hands on our creations! Hedh-Escalante products are sold and can be found in many stores. Find the store nearest you today.

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We're also in SAS Airlines!

Be embraced with the comfort of sweetness when you feel uneasy and uncomfortable before or after your flight. You can also carry Hedh-Escalante Chocolatiers treats with you when you fly with SAS Airlines!

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Our Creations for You

Handmade chocolates

Chocolate bars, pralines and chocolate truffles expertly made from the best cacaos.

Raspberry Heart

Peru 64%

Grand Marnier Truffle

Gin & Tonic

Heavenly delicacies

Mouthwatering crisp breads, marmalade, and small pieces baked to perfection.

Bornholm Biscuits

Checkerboard Cookies

Syrup Cookies

Finnish Sticks

Heart and Talent Behind Hedh-Escalante Chocolatier

Since 2005, we have been manufacturing the finest quality chocolates and delicacies under our brand, Jan Hedh and Maria Escalante Chocolatier. Thorough knowledge, meticulous craftsmanship, and the respect and importance we give the raw material are the basis of our production.

Jan Hedh

A well-known pastry chef, chocolate master, and writer. We are very proud to have Jan join our team as a consultant, inspector, and creator. With several gastronomic awards in his luggage, he teaches today both in Sweden and abroad.

Maria Escalante

Growing up among cocoa trees and plantations in northern Peru, Maria has been said to be born with cocoa in her blood. She has since established herself in Sweden as one of the country's leading chocolate connoisseurs and manufacturers. She gives lectures, teaches chocolates at festivals and fairs, arranges tests, guides on trips to South America and more.

Our Gallery

See us at work and view our beautiful creations