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We love to partner with shops who have the same passion for chocolate and delicacies as we do. You're in the right place to get our products into your shelves!
Why should you be a Hedh-Escalante Chocolatier reseller?
Our impeccable craftsmanship and knowledge brings the best out of chocolates. If you want to offer only the best in your shop, our products are for you. A brand that is synonymous with quality and sophistication, the look and presentation plus bursting flavors of Hedh-Escalante Chocolatier products will invite and draw chocolate lovers to your shop.
Hear what our reseller family is saying
Here are some thoughts from our resellers!
Being a Hedh-Escalante Chocolatier reseller is one of the best business decisions that I made. Before selling their products in my shop, I've been selling to the same people but now, I see new customers everyday! There was even a customer who specifically travelled to my city just to buy a Hedh-Escalante chocolate box!
Dan K.
I own a small patisserie. I've always wanted be recognized as a luxury patisserie and be able to raise my prices. I rebranded, I elevated the look of my shop, but the thing that brought me closer to my goal was having Hedh-Escalante products in my shop. It gave people the idea that because I sell this well-known brand, all my products achieve that level of class as well!
Perry D.
I became a Hedh-Escalante reseller because I love their products especially the truffles and crisp breads. It was the first brand that I sold and it helped me kick off my business. Today, I am working on expanding my shop all thanks to Hedh-Escalante Chocolatier!
Lori L.
I just started reselling Hedh-Escalante Chocolatier products and the support that I get from them is exceptional. When I started working with them as a reseller, they made me feel that I was a business partner and more than that, family.
Hannah O.

Ready to be a part of the Hedh-Escalante Chocolatier family?