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Corporate Gifts: Why Hedh-Escalante Chocolatier products are the perfect gifts

Our creations show your human side
It goes without saying that everyone has a special place for chocolate in their hearts. Our chocolate gift packages aren't just for your loved ones on Valentine's day. They are the perfect gifts that show your clients, partners, and employees your humane side. It shares the message that after a long day at work, they deserve to take a break and indulge in the best luxury chocolates and delicacies.
We leave a mark
We do not just make chocolates for the sake of production. We see to it that all gift packages with our mark on it will be memorable in terms of presentation and taste. Don't settle for the usual wine and bouquets that they recieve from all other partners and clients, give them something that they will always remember you for, give them Hedh-Escalante Chocolatier products!
Our creations strengthen relationships
The class and quality of our products will help you establish strong and on-going relationships not just with your clients and partners but to your employees as well. Our gift packages show that you value and appreciate them as much as you value doing business with them.
We listen to you
Gifts are not a one-size-fits-all glove that is why we customize our gift packages based on what you want and what you need it for. We do not want the recievers to think that you merely purchased a bunch of chocolates and sent it to them. We want your gifts to be as thoughtful and personalized as possible.
My boss commended me for choosing to go with Hedh-Escalante Chocolatier gift packages as our holiday gift to our partners this year. We've never got more than a 'thank you' response before but when we gave these gift packages, we received long emails of gratitude! We'll get another package from them for next year's gifts!
Albert C.
I love how you can tell them what you want and what you need. It's so easy to communicate with them. They're the most respo! Just send them an email through their website and everything will flow smoothly from there.
Harry J.
I was doubting at first because I never really thought that chocolates will work as corporate gifts. But for a change, I tried it out and we were impressed by the class and luxury of each pack. Their chocolate packages are something that you will be proud to give your partners.
Sarah K.
We recieved a Hedh-Escalante Chocolatier gift package from one of our partners and we really appreciated it so we started giving it to our partners as well! We love the look on their faces when they receive it. It's magical!
Mary A.

Show that you care, be memorable, and strengthen relationships with Hedh-Escalante Chocolatier products.